BOOK V ~ THE EPISTOLARY by r.m.simone’ Novella

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The EPISTOLARY by r.m.simone’ PART OF BOOK V Saga..


_Book V Book flower magenta 22BOOK Reveal Cover REVEAL …BOOK V, The Epistolary by r.m.simone’ Prelude The Epistolary … and so it begins….

Within the darkness sits waiting this moment of the Kiss that brings forth the Spirit of the Soul into the Darkness of the eternity. Of the Soul that is VOID of Light of the Self. It is this Spirit that is carried within the heart beating of the Beloved that Kindles this Awakening.

I have gone through such an Awakening.

This is my story…

Her Anima of her Soul resides within the blood coursing through her body beating, ever so beating like the caged birth within her own Golden Cage. I had to drink of her… She awakened the blood lust within me that was carefully sleeping within this dark cavern of myself. Now, I sought redemption and forgiveness…

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Review: Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

rhnsThis book was beautiful and heart wrenching.

Charlotte and Gabriel’s relationship is an uphill climb. The struggle not because they are trying not to be with each, but because what they ultimately want is together. Charlotte has a lot of inner demons she has to get through. At first when she meets Gabriel she is struck with fear. She is the tiny mouse and he is the T-rex about to gobble her whole.

Because of a relationship gone wrong Charlotte has panic attacks when Gabriel gets to close. It’s difficult for her because she really does want him close–until she doesn’t. Her whole body seizes up and she has to remember to breathe. Gabriel has unending patience with her. He can’t see himself with anyone else. Charlotte is it for him and if he has to go slow with her for the rest of their lives he’s prepared to do just that. To him Charlotte is worth everything.

This book pulled me in from the very beginning and I stayed up way to late reading it. I foolishly thought I’d just read a few chapters and go to bed–wrong. This is one of the best books Nalini Singh has written. I enjoyed the first book in this series for different reasons. It was hot and sexy with lots of sex to back it up.

Rock Hard was an emotional whirlwind of romance and so so moving. Every woman deserves a man willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she is comfortable in her own skin. Gabriel does that for Charlotte. His first and foremost concern is her and her needs (and I don’t necessarily mean in the sexual variety.)

I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It’s well worth the read.

Heart and Souls by Monica Corwin

Today Monica Corwin is here to tell everyone about her newest release, Heart and Souls.


Thank you so much for letting me drop in with my upcoming title: Heart and Souls.

Here’s a little about the book:
Heart and Souls follows church detective Constance Grace as she hunts a con man stealing women’s souls.
In the late 21st century, scientists created a serum that gave every person nine lives, also known as souls. Flush with expendable life, Earth collapsed into war and anarchy, leaving the Catholic Church to step in and take control. In a world where the stealing of souls is big business, it takes people like Constance Grace, detective in the Soul Theft Division, to hunt the criminals down and strip them of their remaining souls.
When social-climbing con man, Noah Hannock, plunks himself on the church’s radar, he becomes Constance’s problem. With a brand new partner, Mikon Cross and seven of her nine given souls remaining, Connie has to enter high society under a too-familiar alias to tempt Noah into her web.
While the chemistry between Connie and Mikon is scorching hot, the reality is they don’t trust each other. Each with their own secrets to protect, the hunt for Noah Hannock threatens them both. The only way they can survive is if they learn to lay themselves—heart and souls—on the line for each other.

About the Author:
Monica Corwin is an outspoken writer who believes romance is for everyone no matter their preferences. Displaced in Central Pennsylvania, Monica Corwin attempts to spend her days writing away in her home by the river. In reality she chases around a tod- dler and writes when she can. In her free time she drinks entirely too much coffee and collects tomes on King Arthur. Monica Corwin has over thirteen published works from publishers such as Crimson Romance and Cleis Press. You can find her on the web at She is also on Twitter @Monica_Corwin and Facebook.
He watched as she pulled her unruly mane up into a messy bun on top of her head. Every time he saw her do it, he couldn’t help but think it was a move specifically designed by women to turn men on. The pale skin of her delicate neck was now on full display, as were her toned shoulders and biceps. Usually he liked his women soft, and while Connie did have softness here and there, mostly she was made up of backbone, hard-toned muscles, and coffee.

“Stop being a creeper,” she said, breaking the spell.

He looked up. She was giving him a pointed look with an eyebrow arched. Somehow he had forgotten himself and sat staring at her. Will this night never end?

“Sorry, I was zoning out,” he said.

“Yeah, on my tits.”

“Really, I wasn’t staring at them. I was just thinking.”


There was no talking to her. He climbed up and went to his own bed. She was right, but he wasn’t going to admit it. He’d have to hear about it for the next year otherwise. “How are you feeling?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

“Still a little messed up from the drug, but, not terrible,” she said.

“That’s good.” He could tell she wasn’t saying it all though. She sat on top of her comforter, shoulders slumped, as she rocked ever so slightly back and forth. There was no way he could let her stay like that all night. If she was to be tortured then he could at least bear some of the burden.

He got up and walked over to her, moved behind her on the bed, and circled his arms around her upper body. She didn’t move, didn’t even breath, for a few seconds. It was a huge relief when she sagged into him, allowing him to hug her more comfortably.

The intensity with which his heart leapt and battered against his ribcage was astounding. If heaven and hell could merge it would live in such a moment. Her scent engulfed him, consumed him, and made him think of all the things he knew he shouldn’t. It was a shock when he realized she was guarding her thoughts to him. Not effectively, but she was making an attempt to ease his discomfort.

“Here,” he said, shifting his legs open so she could lean back into him and stretch out as well.

Such an unlikely pair they made. Only having met a month ago and now here they were in a gilded hotel room, holding each other gently. He would never have imagined a moment like this between them when they first met. Father Reynolds wouldn’t have either.

Constance turned to face him, and he watched helplessly as she slipped her tongue out and wet her lips.

“I’m going to kiss you, Mikon, unless you stop me,” she whispered, only inches away from his mouth.
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Cover Reveal: A Sanguine Gem

I usually don’t have the patience to wait in order to do a tada…here is my cover weeks after I got it. A miracle happened and I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. I can’t wait to show it to you all. A Sanguine Gem is going to be the final book in this series. At least at this point in time. Somewhere in the future I *might* consider writing further, but at this time I want to concentrate on other projects.

Are you ready to meet Liam in all his awesomeness?

Since I’m aware peeps might want some insight to go along with the pretties I will share the blurb. (which is subject to change) to give you and idea of what happens to Liam in A Sanguine Gem.


Lady Gemma Kemsley is in dire straits. Her cousin Alfie inherited her father’s estate upon his death. He quickly bled it dry of funds and is turning his lecherous intentions toward her. Alfie wants to have complete control over her inheritance. Without Alfie’s approval she can’t marry. She only has one option—run away and live with her best friend in America.
When his sister begs Liam Marsden to help Gemma he reluctantly agrees. He has a past with Gemma he’d rather forget—involving a failed attempt at betrothal and her professed love. When he sees Gemma again he realizes he can’t ever let her go. Instead of sending her to America he uses the old betrothal agreement to marry her.
Gemma doubts Liam truly loves her. Can he convince her of the veracity of his love or will he lose her forever?

I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Once I know when Liam will be available you will be the first to know. All I know for sure is that he will release this year.

So without further ado… Meet Liam Marsden from A Sanguine Gem


Cover Reveal: Quest for Redemption



The fate of the realms rests on the hands of an elven princess yet to prove herself and an orphan just learning his powers.

Zanna is an elven warrior princess, who seems to have it all, yet really has nothing. Her fate is not in her own hands. Instead, it is bound to an ancient magic she has no control over. She wants to rule the elves, yet must prove herself worthy before she is accepted. She also wants to find her mate, but after two thousand years, didn’t hold much hope. Her existence has become mundane, and she craves something new. A routine assignment suddenly turns into something bigger that could ruin all of them. Is she strong enough to save the world and find her own happiness too? Can she change and help change the fate of the world with her?
Will is an orphan who has always been confused by his strangeness. He keeps himself apart, separate from those around him. A chance meeting with a remarkable woman changes everything. He not only learns about himself, but about a whole other world that he is a part of by birthright. However the father that abandoned him as an infant stands to ruin his future and the future of the world unless he can be stopped.
Will and Zanna must face loved ones who work against them and their past as well as find the strength to fight a bigger enemy and save the realms from evil. Can love, friendship, family, and acceptance defeat evil before it brings the realms crashing down? Can Zanna prove herself worthy to rule the kingdom?

Author Bio: Author Sheri Velarde
Sheri Velarde is an author, artist, independent comic creator and jewelry designer out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is a creative soul with eclectic taste and style when it comes to her art and writing. Sheri is a multi-publisher romance author who is now branching into fantasy as well with her Defender of the Realms series. When not creating (which her fiancé argues is never), Sheri can be found spending time with her fiancé and their two dogs, reading, watching fantasy movies, attending metal concerts and just taking time to stop and enjoy life.
You can view Sheri’s work on her website/blog:, on her Facebook author page:, and on Twitter at
Quest for Redemption will be out on Three Worlds Press soon!

Life Goes On


No matter how much we’d like to stay in one place it isn’t possible. Change is inevitable. Loss is part of life. We grow up, live our lives, build families, all while knowing we need to accept change as a part of our lives. The very concept of growing up is really about change and how much we are willing to do it.

Sometimes circumstances happen that make us change. They alter was…is fundamentally part of who we are. We get up every day, we do the same things, yet we are completely different on the inside. It might seem like nothing has changed, but deep down we know we have. Nothing will ever be the same. I never really considered how these things have made me into the person I am today. Life goes on… We love, we lose, we gain, and through it all life just goes on. Even when we want to curl up in a ball and give up it still goes on. We do what we have to in order to survive. We push through the pain to support those that are depending on us. Nothing and no one can ever make it right. But we know we have no other choice, because yes it bears repeating, life goes on.

I have lost a lot in my life. There are some that has lost more. Those losses have become a part of me and they have created the person I am today. There are times I wish I could change things in a different way. People say everything happens for a reason. Well you know what? I want to scream and say who freaking cares. That reason didn’t matter to me when my heart was ripped out. When people turn to me and say how sorry they are. It doesn’t help the people who are hurting way more than I am or ever could. Those reasons can be shoved in places no one ever wants to go.

It doesn’t matter what those reasons are. What does matter is we are still here. We need to find a way to move forward, be more than we are. Find strength when we didn’t think we had any more. Loss is hard to get through. It becomes a fundamental part of our inner being. We live and breath it. Life moves forward whether we want it to or not. We do things like go to work (bills need to be paid after all) prepare dinner (family needs to eat) go to sleep or not sleep depending on our frame of minds.sometimes-the-things-we-cant-change-end-up-changing-us

For me I promo a book when I’d rather not. I write blog posts to drain out my tumultuous thoughts and help get the word out about things in my world. Events get planned, contests go up, and life goes on. It has never left my mind that not too long ago loss was a shock that rocked my world. It still sits inside of me as part of my being. I still question why. It still doesn’t make any damn sense to me. The only difference between then and now is at least for me the loss isn’t as devastating as it was for others. The missing piece wasn’t a part of my daily life. It makes moving forward slightly easier, but no less heartbreaking. I can separate it and compartmentalize it enough to know I have no choice but to accept the change. There is no other choice left for any of us really but to accept that the thing that has changed, has altered us unrepairablely. None of us will ever be the same after the loss of someone we loved so much.

Just remember to breathe in and breathe out. Lean on those offering support. Keep moving forward and maybe in time when a stray thought rolls through your mind it won’t break you down. You’ll smile through the tears and know you’ve made it far enough to see the light at the end of the darkness. Someday for us all life doesn’t keep moving on. Appreciate it while you can.

Review: When Love Comes by J.H. Croix


This was a sweet romance. Hannah is still reeling from the loss of her parents and feels alone in the world. She returns home after finishing her undergraduate degree. When she gets home some things come easy–others don’t. She has to find her place in familiar surroundings without the two people she always relied on. Living without her parents changed her in a lot of ways. She had to grow up and stopped being reckless with her decisions. She stopped dating altogether.

Luke moved to Alaska after a bad break up with an ex. He is running away from love and relationships so he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. He likes his life living in Diamond Creek with his two brothers Jared and Nathan. He doesn’t see any reason to change that. He is undeniably attracted to Hannah and can’t resist getting to know her better.

Their relationship started out feeling awkward as they started to learn more about each other. They both could feel the chemistry, but each had their own reason for taking things slow. Things heat up between them when Hannah realizes she has a long lost family member and Luke’s parent’s pay them a visit.

It was a nice sweet ending when they finally admitted to each other their shared love. The slow build of their relationship and the awkward beginning gave it validity and made it seem more real. It wasn’t burning passion that fizzled out fast, but a slow steady burn that made you root for them. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

Highland Storm by Victoria Zak

Highland Storm - Tour Banner

Plans for the New Year
Plans for the New Year, well I have a few, but most of all I will be kicking cancer’s ass. Right before Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Very shocking and set my world spiraling out of control. I had just finished writing Highland Storm and working on edits, and at the same time dealing with test and working out a treatment plan. Definitely a crazy time.

So, my number one goal is fighting cancer and to continue to write book three in the Guardians of Scotland series. I also have a few ideas for two new series. Vampires in Scotland… Vikings in Scotland… why yes.
Thank you for having me on your blog today.
Victoria Zak

So how about a few questions to learn more about Victoria Zak:

1. Why did you become a writer?

I wanted to write my own stories so, I had a vision and went with it.
2. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, two sisters.
3. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

4. Why?

I love to go on a castle tour and just soak up Scotland’s history and beauty.
5. If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow would you be ready?

lol No way. I would end up a brain eating zombie.
6. What is your favorite genre to read?

Paranormal Romance
7. If you could meet anyone past, present or future, who would it be?

I would love to meet J.R. Ward. She’s amazing!
8. Where do you see yourself three years from now?

9. Paper or plastic?

10. Home cooking or take out?

Home cooking
11. What is the one thing your readers don’t know about you, but you wished to share?

I’m pretty much an open book.

TITLE – Highland Storm
SERIES – Guardians of Scotland series book two
AUTHOR – Victoria Zak
GENRE – Scottish historical fantasy romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) –

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00073]
A long forgotten Ancient kingdom has been awakened and threatens to change the Dragonkine world forever.

Can passion weather the dragon’s storm?

The only true pleasures in life Conall Hamilton yearned for were to marry a good woman, raise a family, and hide away into seclusion to live a normal life away from battle and war, not an easy task for the Dragonkine warrior and Clan Douglas’s second in command. Assigned to investigate an allied clan, he vows upon his return to marry his love, Effie. That’s until the Dragonkine warrior finds himself accused of a crime he did not commit, murder. Imprisoned, he must find a way to escape not only to save his own life but to save the life of the woman he loves.

In time the past will catch up with you…

Effie Douglas is a survivor. Though not born a Douglas, Effie leaves her old life behind to seek safety within Clan Douglas. For five years Conall Hamilton has been her secret lover and savior, helping her pick up the pieces of her damaged past. Hiding the true nature of their relationship from their clan had become a burden for the red-headed lass and now she desires more. She wants Conall’s name. When Effie is summoned home, she is plagued with unwanted memories, treachery, and new found information that will change her life forever. Will Effie have the courage and strength to weather the storm that rages around her?


Highland Storm - Author Photo
Growing up in the sister city to Stirling, Scotland, Sottish flare was abundant throughout Dunedin. From her High School band to the annual Highland Games that took place right across the street from her childhood home, the bagpipes beckoned her toward her calling. It seemed only natural for Victoria Zak to want to write in the Scottish historical romance genre. Add to the fact, she was also a paranormal romance junkie, there was no doubt that her influences would be the driving force behind her stories.
Although, she never sought out a writing career, her desire for the written word grew the more she read. Her love for Scotland, curiosity of history, and passion for romance has inspired her to write her first book, Highland Burn. The Guardians of Scotland series continues this winter with Highland Storm.
Now, Victoria Zak lives in the sunshine state with her husband, two beautiful children, and three furry friends. Living in paradise, being a stay at home, and to be able to share her stories has been a blessing.
Victoria loves to hear from her readers. You can connect with her through FB, Twitter, G+, and her website,


Hi everyone:) I just started a Thunderclap campaign for my new release Highland Storm and I would love your support. Supporting my campaign is easy peasy. All you have to do is click on this link and add your support. That’s it.

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Release: A Treasured Lily


To celebrate the release of A Treasured Lily I am giving away ONE ebook copy of A Treasured Lily and ONE ebook copy of my backlist (not to include A Treasured Lily). Just click on the rafflecopter to enter.


What Lilliana Marsden wants—she gets. The thing she believes she desires most is to live in Charleston on a plantation. Her problem? Parents who refuse to listen to her. Lily decides to make her wishes come true and who better than a handsome American ship captain to help her.
Randall Collins finds Lilliana bewitching and quickly falls under her spell. When she asks if he can take her with him on his next voyage he finds himself agreeing—for a tiny fee. A kiss as payment and he’ll take her anywhere she wants.
As they set sail sparks fly between them. Will Lily find something more desirable than owning a plantation and can Rand convince her he’s the better choice?



He wondered how far he could push her. The decision to give into her and take her on his ship had already been made. Lilliana just didn’t know he already decided to let her come back to America with him, but only because it worked in his own plans.

“What do I get for my trouble?” he asked. “I’d be risking quite a lot to assist you with your scheme.”

“What do you want? Money? I certainly can afford to pay for my passage.”

Rand’s lips rose into a cocky smile. He desired a lot from her, but at this point only one thing would do as payment. Would the lovely lady be willing to give it to him? He had nothing to lose and only one way to find out.

“How about a kiss?”

Lilliana looked stunned as she stared unblinkingly at him, and then just as suddenly she stopped dancing right in the middle of the dance floor. Her face flushed a pretty shade of pink as she began to move to the music again with him in the lead.

“How forward of you. I’m not sure I like your idea of compensation.”

“It’s a small thing, one little kiss. To be given to me at a time of my choosing.” He leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear. “Are you afraid?”

Lilliana’s breath sucked deep into her chest, and he could feel her slowly exhale it in little pants. Her pulse raced on her wrist beneath the palm of his hand and thrummed a small beat as he held it firmly in his grasp. A blush formed on her cheeks turning them a nice shade of pink, and her lips parted in anticipation. Her body’s reactions suggested she had an interest in kissing him also. Would she take the bait and give him what he desired? He needed her to accept the proposal. Once she did he’d have her sailing with him in a few short days.

“All right, you have a deal,” she agreed.

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