Month: January 2014

Paradox Origin-Work In Progress


I wanted to do something different. Something that would be long, drawn out, intricate, and well something also I wouldn’t mind my children reading. As they are teenagers it doesn’t have to be too limiting. With that idea in mind I have notes on something that I hope will fit all those parameters. It’s a pretty tall order to fill. Does it have romance in it? To a certain extent. If it goes the way I want to the romance won’t be the main focus, just the cherry on top of that awesome fudge sundae. It will play an important role in the story.

So the working title of this story is Paradox Origin. To give you an idea of what this story might be like here is the definitions of those two words. Pretty much the sky is the limit and I can’t wait to start putting my ideas down for everyone. It will give me something to focus on while A Flawed Jewel is stuck with my editor.


·  Paradox

is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true. Most logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking.

·  Origin

– the point or place where something begins or is created : the source or cause of something

– the place, social situation, or type of family that a person comes from

So that is all I’m gonna give you on my idea…other than it is about a family of women who believe that they are cursed and give up on love… it will take the newest generation to overcome that and teach them that it’s never too late. She has to be different if she wants to have a chance with the boy she is falling in love with…just when she starts to believe in love she finds out it could be ripped away from her.

Different_is_better_by_123Stellabe different

The Waiting Game



One of the hardest things I have had to deal with as a newbie author is the waiting. I write a book and I send it off to beta readers. I sit back and wait. Do they like it? Do they hate it? OMG what is taking them so long to get back to me??? I get it back and I love hearing the good thing that they love and yes the things they have a problem with. These issues help me to develop a better story. All around its a good deal for me. The waiting kills me though.

So then I polish it up and bite the bullet so to speak. I write a synopsis (kill me now haha) draft my query letter and prepare to submit it to a publisher. With A Flawed Jewel I pretty much had my hand held through the whole process. Thank GOD because I was terrified the entire time. Who isn’t when they do something for the first time? Once its sent I again have to sit back and wait. So far I have sat waiting through three beta readers and now my potential editor… You see where this is going?

I get an acceptance letter. Then I have to sit and wait for the contract. I read contract sign and send back…only to wait for my editor to tell me what the next step is. Keep in mind this is ALL new to me. I don’t know exactly what to expect or what the process is until I finally get another email with a preedit checklist. What’s that shizzle? Oh its all the formatting little idiosyncrasies that they want me to fix in the manuscript before it even goes to first round of edits. Let’s just say it isn’t “fun”.  I start preedits. I send them back to my editor…I wait for first round edits. I get those back and wait for second round. Wash and repeat. This is a never ending cycles.

Where am I at in this process. I am sitting here in my kitchen writing a blog and waiting…yes again. This time for the line editor to get A Flawed Jewel back to me. I sent it back to my editor on New Years Eve. Whats that you say? It is January 14 its been two weeks… Well these things take time. Its nothing but a waiting game. You hurry up to wait again. The line edits are more intensive and detailed. We want the book to be as good as we can make it right? Well that’s what I keep telling myself :).

So right now my projected release date is February 21. That is subject to change depending on how these line edits go. Cross your fingers I don’t bleed to much when I finally receive them. In the meantime you all can sit back and wait…right along side of me to get your first taste of A Flawed Jewel. Hopefully I can share an excerpt with you all soon.




I typed “The End” on Cowgirl Fever

It was an amazing feeling to finish that book. It is much longer than A Flawed Jewel. It is over 60K in words and A Flawed Jewel was over 30K. So this book doubled in size. I wanted to attempt something closer to a full length novel. I had doubts that I could accomplish it. I lack patience to follow through on things…if I start to get bored I am all look pretty running away to greener pastures. So it took a lot of will power to finish this. I am happy with the results. Lets hope my beta peeps are too.

I read through it before sending it off, made some minor changes, and sent it off into the wild. The next several days is just relaxing and reading books I’ve been putting off. Time to just wait to see if it is liked or if I need to make any major changes to the story line. This is the first book in a “trilogy” at this point. So I’d like to start writing the next one one I submit this one for publication.

Ok peeps I be out… a book is calling my name

Cowgirl Fever (current wip)

a little teaser from Cowgirl Fever that I wrote last night

Ginnifer turned around and headed to the horse barn where the new foal was being stabled. As she walked in she saw a small light was lit in the back of the barn. Strolling through the paddock she stopped at the stall that held the baby horse and his mama. Olympia looked up at her made a small noise and trotted over to the gate. Ginnifer took it as a sign she was happy to see her. Reaching over into the tiny bucket hanging next to the stall she pulled out a couple sugar cubes and fed them to the horse. Olympia greedily ate up the two cubes and nudged her head into Ginnifer’s chest. At least someone was happy to see her…

“I should’ve known I could find you here.” Ginnifer turned to see Dallas leaning against one of the posts in the barn. “I think you may have made a friend for life” He said.

“She’s a beautiful horse.” Ginnifer said as she was petting Olympia’s mane, “I thought it would be too late to come and see you so I decided to visit with these two wonderful creatures.”

Dallas sauntered over to where Ginnifer was standing and pulled her into his arms. Once she was fully seated within his embrace she looked up into his eyes. A smile only a man could possibly portray crossed his face. Leaning his face closer to hers he said, “It’s never too late for you to come see me Gin.”

Ginnifer crinkled her nose up and shook her head at him as she said, “Yes, tonight would have been, but only because I had no idea where to find you in that house or if it was unlocked for me to find you.”

Dallas pulled her closer as he leaned down brushed his lips against her cheek. Bringing his mouth up to her ear he whispered, “Well we can remedy that now. I can show you exactly where you can find me each night.”

Ginnifer laughed and pulled away from him as she said, “In a bit of a hurry are you?”

With a devilish grin Dallas said, “Absolutely”

“I don’t know that I’m done visiting with Olympia and her baby. Does he have a name yet?” She asked.

Dallas shook his head sideways as he said, “No, why don’t you name him.”

Excitement filling her voice as she said, “Really? Oh I have to think about this…he’s so beautiful he needs a name to match.”

Dallas laughed as Ginnifer bubbled with excitement. “Do you have anything in mind to fit such lofty expectations?”

“What do you think about calling him Eros?” She asked.

Dallas pulled back and looked into her, shock evident on his face as he said, “The God of Love?”

“Yes, because everyone that looks at him will fall instantly in love with him. I think it’s very appropriate.”

Smiling down at her Dallas shook his head in agreement. He leaned down and kissed her forehead before saying, “It is perfect. Are you ready to stay the night with me or do you want to visit with Olympia and Eros longer?”

Who wants blurbage?

Here is some more information on A Flawed Jewel. The cover is pretty, but what lies beneath it. Well here is your first look at what the book is about.



Pieretta boards a ship forever changing her destiny. Thor kidnaps his rival’s granddaughter for revenge, but will love become his new purpose?



Pieretta Carlyle has just experienced the loss of her father, leaving her alone in the world except for her grandpere, Comte Renard Dubois. The comte insists that she travel to France to live with him.  Pieretta doesn’t want to leave Charleston and the only home she has ever known, but young ladies do not live by themselves. Her grandpere is her guardian and she has to do what he says. She reluctantly has the servants pack her trunks for her impending voyage.

            Thor has a score to settle and Pieretta is the key to all of his revenge. He became a pirate unwillingly after his business partner tried to murder him to gain control over their holdings. He needs to acquire Pieretta by any means necessary and he doesn’t mind plundering a ship to attain her.

            When Pieretta and Thor meet they are instantly attracted to each other against their better judgment. Pieretta is disgusted by the pirate’s actions and believes he murdered everyone aboard her ship…except for her. Thor knows what Pieretta believes, but goes ahead with all of his plans anyway, she is only supposed to be a tool to achieve vengeance. What happens will depend on Thor’s need for revenge and Pieretta ability to forgive him for all his dastardly deeds.