Cowgirl Fever (current wip)

a little teaser from Cowgirl Fever that I wrote last night

Ginnifer turned around and headed to the horse barn where the new foal was being stabled. As she walked in she saw a small light was lit in the back of the barn. Strolling through the paddock she stopped at the stall that held the baby horse and his mama. Olympia looked up at her made a small noise and trotted over to the gate. Ginnifer took it as a sign she was happy to see her. Reaching over into the tiny bucket hanging next to the stall she pulled out a couple sugar cubes and fed them to the horse. Olympia greedily ate up the two cubes and nudged her head into Ginnifer’s chest. At least someone was happy to see her…

“I should’ve known I could find you here.” Ginnifer turned to see Dallas leaning against one of the posts in the barn. “I think you may have made a friend for life” He said.

“She’s a beautiful horse.” Ginnifer said as she was petting Olympia’s mane, “I thought it would be too late to come and see you so I decided to visit with these two wonderful creatures.”

Dallas sauntered over to where Ginnifer was standing and pulled her into his arms. Once she was fully seated within his embrace she looked up into his eyes. A smile only a man could possibly portray crossed his face. Leaning his face closer to hers he said, “It’s never too late for you to come see me Gin.”

Ginnifer crinkled her nose up and shook her head at him as she said, “Yes, tonight would have been, but only because I had no idea where to find you in that house or if it was unlocked for me to find you.”

Dallas pulled her closer as he leaned down brushed his lips against her cheek. Bringing his mouth up to her ear he whispered, “Well we can remedy that now. I can show you exactly where you can find me each night.”

Ginnifer laughed and pulled away from him as she said, “In a bit of a hurry are you?”

With a devilish grin Dallas said, “Absolutely”

“I don’t know that I’m done visiting with Olympia and her baby. Does he have a name yet?” She asked.

Dallas shook his head sideways as he said, “No, why don’t you name him.”

Excitement filling her voice as she said, “Really? Oh I have to think about this…he’s so beautiful he needs a name to match.”

Dallas laughed as Ginnifer bubbled with excitement. “Do you have anything in mind to fit such lofty expectations?”

“What do you think about calling him Eros?” She asked.

Dallas pulled back and looked into her, shock evident on his face as he said, “The God of Love?”

“Yes, because everyone that looks at him will fall instantly in love with him. I think it’s very appropriate.”

Smiling down at her Dallas shook his head in agreement. He leaned down and kissed her forehead before saying, “It is perfect. Are you ready to stay the night with me or do you want to visit with Olympia and Eros longer?”

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