I typed “The End” on Cowgirl Fever

It was an amazing feeling to finish that book. It is much longer than A Flawed Jewel. It is over 60K in words and A Flawed Jewel was over 30K. So this book doubled in size. I wanted to attempt something closer to a full length novel. I had doubts that I could accomplish it. I lack patience to follow through on things…if I start to get bored I am all look pretty running away to greener pastures. So it took a lot of will power to finish this. I am happy with the results. Lets hope my beta peeps are too.

I read through it before sending it off, made some minor changes, and sent it off into the wild. The next several days is just relaxing and reading books I’ve been putting off. Time to just wait to see if it is liked or if I need to make any major changes to the story line. This is the first book in a “trilogy” at this point. So I’d like to start writing the next one one I submit this one for publication.

Ok peeps I be out… a book is calling my name

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