Paradox Origin-Work In Progress


I wanted to do something different. Something that would be long, drawn out, intricate, and well something also I wouldn’t mind my children reading. As they are teenagers it doesn’t have to be too limiting. With that idea in mind I have notes on something that I hope will fit all those parameters. It’s a pretty tall order to fill. Does it have romance in it? To a certain extent. If it goes the way I want to the romance won’t be the main focus, just the cherry on top of that awesome fudge sundae. It will play an important role in the story.

So the working title of this story is Paradox Origin. To give you an idea of what this story might be like here is the definitions of those two words. Pretty much the sky is the limit and I can’t wait to start putting my ideas down for everyone. It will give me something to focus on while A Flawed Jewel is stuck with my editor.


·  Paradox

is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true. Most logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking.

·  Origin

– the point or place where something begins or is created : the source or cause of something

– the place, social situation, or type of family that a person comes from

So that is all I’m gonna give you on my idea…other than it is about a family of women who believe that they are cursed and give up on love… it will take the newest generation to overcome that and teach them that it’s never too late. She has to be different if she wants to have a chance with the boy she is falling in love with…just when she starts to believe in love she finds out it could be ripped away from her.

Different_is_better_by_123Stellabe different


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