Month: February 2014

One moment of p…

One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. ~Chinese Proverb

Some days I find it difficult to remain patient. It is not one of my top virtues. I still have to finish Paradox Origin, the goal I set is far from being met. I only started writing this book because I needed something to do while I waited on A Flawed Jewel to get back from lines and Cowgirl Fever to get back from my betas.

So where do those two books stand? I sent back my second round of edits to my new editor on February 14. (It was after midnight so that’s the accurate date lol). I don’t know what the status for it is beyond that. I assume she is editing it again, but I don’t know for certain. When I know more I will gladly share it. If what I know about my original release date holds true I expect it will be released sometime in April. Don’t hold me to that though as I haven’t been given any official dates.

Cowgirl Fever was subbed to Carina, Samhain, and Breathless Press for consideration. I’m waiting to hear back from all three before I make a decision on where I want it to go. As of right now I’ve only heard back from one. I want all the information before I decide on who I’d like to publish it. I’m not completely on board with the changes that need to be made in order to publish it at the press I’ve heard from, but I’m not exactly adverse to them either. It’s my baby so I like it as is. Grammar and stuff I don’t mind changing, but major changes feel like I’m losing a piece of myself. I have to be okay with it before I sign a contract. So this is where patience comes in. I have to wait to see if I can basically keep things the way I want or if I need to suck it up and make the changes. Changes I totally understand why they want, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. In a nutshell I won’t know everything I need to know until I hear back from every publisher I sent Cowgirl Fever to. So it could be a long time before I make a decision and know if it will be contracted or  not.

New Website

Okay I procrastinated… A LOT today. I did everything BUT what I should be doing. So I created a website for myself. I have a blog so why not a website too? Yeah its kind of simple and plain…barely anything to add to it. But sure why not haha. Anyway if you all are curious you can check out the limited amount of information available at

The site has everything you could possibly want to know about me. It has all my contact information and links to my email, my social media sites…as well as here on wordpress. I hope to add more as more becomes available.

Thanks for looking 🙂