A Flawed Jewel

A Flawed Jewel is finally going to be released. On Friday, April 4th it will be released out into the wild and into unchartered territory. I am nervous and happy about it at the same time. I hope everyone likes the book so that is part of where my anxiety is stemming from.

I do have good news though for everyone that DOES like A Flawed Jewel. I decided to write two more books in this world. I just finished writing the second book A Treasured Lily (working title) on Wednesday, March 26. I sent it off to a couple of beta readers for input and wrote my synopses. I’m hoping to send it to my editor at Breathless Press by the end of the first week of April. I’m going to start writing the third book this week. It’s spring break, yo. I have time and I plan on using it wisely.

At this time A Flawed Jewel is not up on third party sites like Amazon and BN. They will be soon. If you do want to preorder it here is a link on Breathless Press’s website.Ā  Go here

A Flawed Jewel



  1. I’m excited to read your first book but I must admit a little apprehensive too. Since I know you; I afraid I will feel like I am reading your personal diary. LOL

  2. As in being privy to my deep dark secret fantasy? Don’t worry *winks* that’s for another book at another time. When I feel like baring my soul. This one is just what it is. I just have crazy outlandish stories in my head. Don’t feel like it’s a personal diary at all. Just pretend you don’t know me and you will be fine šŸ˜›

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