Cowgirl Fever Dirt :)


I just finished my first round of edits on Cowgirl Fever. Working through it and rereading some of the things I wrote I had a good feeling. Some of it clearly needed some work and it helped its been a while since I sat down and looked at this manuscripts. I think when it’s finished it will be amazing. This one is all me. Not personally, but my strange sense of humor shines through. When I wrote the historicals I have to sit back and think about some of my word choices and nix any slang that wants to erupt in the writing. With Cowgirl Fever I can let it all loose and not think to much about some of the things I want to throw in there because its more modern.

After going through the first round I can’t wait to start working on the second book in this series. I have title’s and ideas worked out for each book in the trilogy. The first book is Cowgirl Fever. The second book is titled Cowgirl Indulgence and the third Cowgirl Retribution. It should be fun continuing to explore this world. Book two will feature the characters of Wes and Tori and Book three will explore the relationship between Emma and Colt.

Cowgirl Fever has a tentative release date of September, 2014. I can’t say if its the beginning, end, or middle of the month. All I was told was September. I’m in the dark for now. Once I know an exact date I will make sure to share it with everyone. In the meantime I will continue to work on making it as awesome as possible and start the rough draft of book two.


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