A Flawed Jewel-ARe silver star



I haven’t been over to All Romance much since A Flawed Jewel was released. For some unknown reason I wandered over there today. As I was looking at it I noticed a symbol. What is this symbol you ask? Its a star with a circle around it.

here it is


Now I had to wonder. What does this little star mean? Well apparently it means that A Flawed Jewel is a best seller either in its category or in the top ten. I’m willing to bet in the category as I fail to see any other area it would be. It’s awesome regardless.

Here is a full look of a screen shot


and if you still doubt me here is a link to the page to buy it on ARe

I have to admit its pretty exciting to see that some one out there is buying my first book. Thank you to all those that did.



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