Current Project-Perceptive Soul


I have so many ideas floating through my brain sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with them. I counted the other day and I have five projects I either have at least one chapter written on or some extensive notes for future use. Today I want to talk about the one I’m mostly focusing on at the moment. It is a work in progress titled Perceptive Soul. It is a little different than what I’ve worked on before. It is kind of a historical, but not in the same time frame as my novellas. Pirates are fun and all, but I wanted to try something different. So what is Perceptive Soul about?

Well it is taking place during World War II. It actually starts just before the United States enters the war. The heroine works on the island of Hawaii as a nurse/physical therapist. She has something special about her, something she doesn’t completely realize or understand. She is an empath/psychic. Her abilities remained dormant for years,but they have begun to come to the surface at a time when she may not be handle the onslaught of emotions. Her life was going wonderful. She’s planning her wedding and is happy with her life. She doesn’t need these complications and yet she cannot ignore them. She meets someone that understands them and his job is to help her to control them.

I have about a third of this written. It has been a struggle to get it just right. Rebecca’s journey is filled with so many different facets. I hope I can do it justice. This isn’t just another Pearl Harbor story. Its a story about one woman’s struggle to survive, not only herself, but also the world around her. It is completely different than anything I’ve written before. Is there romance? yes, but its not the main focus of the story. *cross your fingers* I can make it work and get it published.



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