A Letter to My Muse


I don’t know about any one else, but my muse is driving me batty. In a good way I suppose, but also in a sleep deprived please attach a IV drip of caffeine to my body so I can get through the day way.

Dear Muse-

I appreciate that you keep me overflowing with ideas. A few tips though so I can keep up with it all. Could you maybe spring them on me, I don’t know, when I’m sitting down watching a show that I don’t care about or even when I’m sitting at my computer perusing Facebook while I’m bored?

Places to avoid jumping me with ideas, the bathroom, the shower, driving, oh and sleeping. All of these are counterproductive to doing something with the information. The last time you hit me with an idea while driving I had to do a voice memo on my phone. I’m not even sure it made sense, but I had to get it all down lest I lose it. It did result in a 75k rough draft named Perceptive Soul so I suppose it wasn’t all bad. I won’t mention how I ended up with a historical series that should have only been one stand alone book because you interrupted my sleep, and is now six stories either written or planned. (or the notes I have on a chick who falls through time because of a whacked out dream. Yeah…but I digress)

So anyway, Dear Dear Muse of mine. I’m falling apart at the seams. I can’t keep up. Give me some time to catch up before you throw any more ideas my way. I promise I will appreciate them more when you do.

Cheekily Yours,


I do appreciate the muse that visits me. He (As I like to think of him as an uber sexy piece of man flesh) gives me wonderful fascinating ideas. Maybe instead of flooding my imagination with these story ideas you could just give me a little….wait that isn’t suitable innocent eyes and ears…a tale for another time. I will leave you with what my imaginary muse looks like. (yeah he does look an awful lot like Ian Somerhalder…he’s my dream guy)




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