Rude Much? Why no…why do you ask? An author’s view of the world outside of writing…


When I wrote my first novella last December I can honestly say I never planned on writing a book. I kind of just fell into it. This may irritate those that have struggled for a while to get something written and published, but it doesn’t negate my achievements. In fact, I’d say I look at my first book and cringe with all the mistakes I see in it.  I still have A LOT to learn about writing, but I can tell you I’ve learned a lot about myself on this journey.

Some people are truly happy for me and my minor success…and it is minor…because I’m leaps and bounds away from having a best seller and making tons of money. In fact to date I’ve made less than $2 on A Flawed Jewel. While that will probably grow on my next royalty statement nothing is given in the world of publishing. Just because my book was accepted and released does not mean people will run out and buy it. (Although if you wanna help a girl out…*winks*)

Let me explain how writing has changed my life. I have constant ideas floating through my head. I’m churning out ideas much slower than they form. I have oodles of ideas lined up on books I want to write at some point and have little time to do it. One other thing has changed and that’s how much I talk about writing. It has become important to me and therefore I share and share often. I talk about my woes and I shout loudly when I finish something. If I have a goal I want to let the world know I met it. I started a new book–Yay! I finished the rough draft–double yay. Man today I’m slacking and got zero written–Big frowny face. The biggest thing I have learned is patience. Something you need a great amount of if you want to be a writer.

My point of this post is that this is my life now. I’m not going to apologize to anyone out there because writing now consumes me. It is a part of me in a way I never thought possible and I don’t feel like I need to justify it. You don’t like it? Don’t pay attention to it. If you are happy for me let me know. If you don’t care…well carry on my peeps. Just the way I plan on doing. If you have questions feel free to ask. I’m more than willing to share my limited knowledge. (Again it is LIMITED as I’m still a newbie with a lot to learn myself.)

Anywho…its something to think on. Writers can get sucked into there own world and often times don’t see what’s happening around them. When they do come up for air…well it’s up to you if they like what they find, but don’t worry no matter what it will fuel some ideas for future work. Don’t be surprised if a character resembles you in many ways only to die a horrible death. (kidding…mostly)


writers angst


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