A Crystal Angel-Christmas Flirt


I decided I wanted to write a short, quick, look into what has gone on with the Marsden family after the end of A Flawed Jewel. What better way to do that than have a Christmas flirt. So I wrote it in a couple of days and had a few beta readers scan it over before submitting it at Breathless Press.

I officially signed a contract on Monday. It will be released sometime in December with the Holiday themes. I don’t have an exact date, but once I know I will of course share it with the masses. It is a nice opener that will lead into my January release of A Treasured Lily.

I did finish the rough draft of A Sanguine Gem. It is still with my beta peeps. Once it is ready I will sub it to my wonderful new brilliant editor. She has been pushing me like mad through these edits. I’m going to be editing so much over the next several weeks I won’t have much time for air. That being said, once I get back the notes on what works and doesn’t in Liam’s story I will be very excited to see it sent off into the wild unknown. I hope my editor loves it as much as I enjoyed writing it. *crosses fingers* you will get the third installment in that world later on in 2015.


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