Review: The Secret Prince by Justine Lewis


It was a charming tale. I enjoyed how they met and how things flipped around once they knew the secret each held. I would have liked to see them hold on to their secrets just a little bit longer. That arc wrapped up too quickly and the animosity the prince felt toward Maddie didn’t roll right for me. Sure he was mad because Maddie told him to go home, but the rest of it didn’t jive. His parents assuming Maddie would possibly be a good daughter-in-law from those actions also had a forced feeling to it. They seemed entirely to blase about the matter for two people that were the figureheads for their country.

All in all I did enjoy their story. I would recommend it to someone for a nice quick, light read. The relationship between Alex and Maddie was fun even when they argued. I appreciated it for what it was, something that held all the parameters of a good romance. Love, conflict, more love, and a happy ending.

For more information on Justine Lewis visit her Facebook page here


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