Double Release Party


My book A Crystal Angel will be available on December 12. I’m not sure if  there will be a preorder link (as there is not yet one available). If I get one I will be happy to share it.

To celebrate I am joining Amanda Marie in a double release party. Click on her name to go to her Facebook author page for more information. Her book Scandalous Endeavors releases on the same day. If you would like to join the party click on this link.

Here is a promo teaser for Scandalous Endeavors by Amanda Marie:


For those that are interested in my book A Crystal Angel here is the blurb and excerpt:

Short Blurb:
An unwanted betrothal drives Lily and Liam to run away, days before Christmas. Can Thor and Pia find the twins before something dire befalls them?
Long Blurb:
Thor makes a mistake that irritates his wife, Pia. He agreed to betroth their son Liam to the Earl of Devon’s daughter. Pia demands he make the contract disappear. In the meantime the twins find out about the betrothal contract and runaway. Pia and Thor have to find them before they get hurt or worse. Will they find them in time to celebrate Christmas or is their family about to fall apart forever.


“Don’t see the point. Besides I think we need to discuss what I overheard.”

“If it isn’t about school, I don’t care.”

“You should, Liam. I told you it would impact your life.”

“Well, what is it then?”

“Father agreed on a betrothal contract.”

“Failing to understand how this might concern me.” Liam waved his hand dismissively and turned back to his game.

“Who is he going to marry you off to?”

“Not me you, fool. The Earl of Devon sent one over for him to sign. He’s going to marry you off to his daughter, Lady Gemma Kemsley.”

Liam’s face turned stark white and he swayed in his chair. He turned to look at Lily as the shock settled in. His blue eyes glazed over as the astonishment of her words became clear. “Pardon me, what did you say?”

“You’re betrothed, as in when you both come of age, you’re getting married. Congratulations, brother of mine.”

And finally here is another teaser from A Crystal Angel:



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