Review: If the Viscount Falls by Sabrina Jeffies


I loved Dom and Jane. Let me just start off by saying that. I actually started reading this book this morning when I took my two children to the dentist. I couldn’t stop reading it. I read it while waiting for them to come out of school. I read it while I was cooking dinner. I read it in-between commercials while watching The Voice finale (Which by the way is still on right now) I couldn’t wait to share my feelings on how much I loved this book. It pulled me from the first page all the way through the end of the book. It is perhaps one of the best books I have read this year. I highly recommend you pick this up as soon as you can and read it. That being said—it doesn’t release until January so go preorder it. I’m extremely lucky I got an ARC and a chance to read this early.

To give you some background information. Jane and Dom were engaged once. When Dom was disinherited he arranged for her to find him in a compromising situation and thus break off their engagement. He did it for her own good. He was penniless and he loved her enough to let her go. Something she never appreciated and was quite irritated with him once she realized what he’d done. It took twelve years for them to find their way back to each other. TWELVE! Can you imagine loving some one for so many years when your shared misery could have ended much sooner? I don’t blame Jane for giving him hell. In the end yes they find their way back to each other. It wouldn’t be a romance with a nice HEA if they didn’t.

Go preorder your copy today!


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