Review-The Shocking Secret of the Guest at The Wedding by Victoria Alexander


Phew that’s one long title! The book is decent and interesting. It kept my attention. It grabbed it from the beginning with Jackson finding out that not only was his father alive, his mother lied about it his whole life. It was quite disconcerting to find out that he had a father for thirty years he never new about. He agrees to go back to England with him and meet some relations and get to know the family he never knew. In the meantime his assumed fiancee releases him from any obligations to her.

While in England he meets Theodosia. As they get to know each other they discover they can’t really stay away from each other either. They have a lot of twists and turns to deal with–including both their previous engagements. The story can be a little drawn out in areas, but their love story is one worth reading.

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