Review: Rocky Mountain Miracle by Christine Feehan


Cole and Jase have to deal with how their father tortured them on a daily basis. It’s heartbreaking to read about the abuse they had to suffer at his hands. When he was old enough Cole left thinking he’d never have to see his father or the home he grew up in again. On one hand he was right. He never saw his father alive again, but he had a little brother, Jase, he never knew about. He didn’t want to return to his former home but he did for his brother. Maia enters their lives and begins to give them hope. In a lot of ways she teaches them about love and family in ways they never knew were possible. She brings them together and helps them to understand each other and learn how to express emotions they’d never dared to before.

This story was wonderful, heartbreaking, and beautiful all at once. I enjoyed their story very much. Rocky Mountain Miracle is a must read for anyone who enjoys a story of redemption with a little splash of Christmas magic.


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