Review: The Husband Games by Jamie Farrell


This book was awesome. One of my favorite things was all of the spice names for CJ and his siblings. I kept racking my brain going through spice after spice to try to figure out what the C in CJ stood for. Could it really be that bad? Turns out no–but I can see why he might not like it. What I’d really like to know is what the J stands for darn it. Will we ever find out?  It was good for a lot of laughs. The story gave me laughs through out. I loved the interactions between all the characters.

Natalie was awesome, but her son stole the show. That kid was fantastic. I want a four year old just like him. He wants to grow up to wear a pretty dress and marry the woman of his dreams. How cute! His stuffed dinosaur wears a dress so why not him too? They have to go through a lot of pitfalls, withstand the wrath of the QG (Queen General), and learn how to forgive themselves so they can move on with each other. It grabs your attention from the beginning with them talking in a church confessional to the end when they come full circle near those same confessionals. The Husband games is just plain awesome and I highly recommend it.


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