A week or so ago I wrote a letter to my brother. The one I’d lost so many years ago. Tears streamed down my face as I put those words on the screen…each word came straight from the grief that still fills my heart.

I was heartbroken–I still am.27208_10150145179190523_1059022_n

Today I have new reason to be. Today an angel gained her wings. Like her father she left us way to early. She gets to see him again. Glen gets to hug his daughter and wrap her in his love. It’s the only thing I can find comforting right now. Part of me is just numb with disbelief.

I can’t express with mere words the wealth of emotions going through me right now. I can only say when I wrote that letter to Glen last week I never once envisioned I’d be writing this blog post now. Words are inadequate to express how much my heart hurts.


But this isn’t about me. It’s about my beautiful niece who has survived through so much. She fought her way through debilitating injuries sustained in a car accident. Her strength was amazing. Earlier I said I didn’t have a hero. I was wrong. Alison is–was mine.I even wrote a dedication for her saying as much.

In July I wrote a book. I wrote it for Alison. It was–will be dedicated to her. The dedication is just going to change a little bit as she will never get the chance to read it.

I will miss you Alison. I wish you could have been given the chance to show the world how strong you are. Having you, even remotely, as a part of my life was a blessing. I only wish I’d had more time with you.I hope you are at peace and looking down on us with happiness. I’m not saying goodbye for I’m sure one day we will see each other again. I love you.goodbye-quote1



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