Review: When Love Comes by J.H. Croix


This was a sweet romance. Hannah is still reeling from the loss of her parents and feels alone in the world. She returns home after finishing her undergraduate degree. When she gets home some things come easy–others don’t. She has to find her place in familiar surroundings without the two people she always relied on. Living without her parents changed her in a lot of ways. She had to grow up and stopped being reckless with her decisions. She stopped dating altogether.

Luke moved to Alaska after a bad break up with an ex. He is running away from love and relationships so he doesn’t make the same mistake twice. He likes his life living in Diamond Creek with his two brothers Jared and Nathan. He doesn’t see any reason to change that. He is undeniably attracted to Hannah and can’t resist getting to know her better.

Their relationship started out feeling awkward as they started to learn more about each other. They both could feel the chemistry, but each had their own reason for taking things slow. Things heat up between them when Hannah realizes she has a long lost family member and Luke’s parent’s pay them a visit.

It was a nice sweet ending when they finally admitted to each other their shared love. The slow build of their relationship and the awkward beginning gave it validity and made it seem more real. It wasn’t burning passion that fizzled out fast, but a slow steady burn that made you root for them. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.


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