The Beatles

the-beatlesI am working on my second master’s degree. I know I know–glutton for punishment, lol. The thing is I’ve enjoyed the classes for this second degree immensely. They are more fun overall. To give an example: the title of this blog post. Yes, you guessed it, my current class is on none other than the Beatles.

Crazy right? This is an actual hitory/sociology class. I’m taking the sociology designation as this is my second concentration. We are listening to Beatles songs and discussing the era when they were both controversial and popular. So my question for you all is this. What is the first Beatles song you heard and when was it? Did it have an impact on you? What does that song mean to you today?

Okay that’s actually more than one question. But this class has made me curious on a social point. What has the Beatles done for you. The younger generation probably doesn’t know much about them. I’m more curious about the individuals that grew up with the band and may have seen them live on the Ed Sullivan show.

For me… I honestly can’t tell you the first song I ever heard, but I can tell you which two stick in my mind the most.

The first one is Revolution

The second is I am the Walrus

I can’t tell you why these two always stick in my head. I certainly know other songs like Hey Jude and Can’t buy me love, but if you ask me to name a Beatles song…these are the first two that pop into my head. So tell me your stories and what your favorites are. Just tell me anything 🙂


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