Cover Reveal: This Means War by A.M. Wray

Classy… Professional… Sexy…
All words that Taylor would
have used to describe her dream employer, Alexander Stone – CEO of
Stone Literary Agency. That is, until she met him. Now there are much
different words coming to mind…
Overgrown Man-child.
incredibly serious, professional demeanor clashes with Alexander’s
sweetness and vibrant sense of humor and he loves to get her angry.
He just can’t seem to wait to hear the next terrible thing she’ll
say to him. Taylor, however, isn’t one to back down and Alexander
manages to bring out her own dark humor as her need to get even with
him at every turn gets the better of her.
The game only barely
gets started when she gets a little friendly advice that she can’t
seem to shake. Things begin to change for Taylor and she begins to
find the girl that she used to be. The more these changes take place,
the more her life seems to spiral out of her control.
When her
secrets catch up with her as trouble comes knocking, everyone she
loves is put in danger. Taylor’s life is threatened and she learns
that Alexander has some secrets of his own. Maybe he isn’t just the
sexy yet silly, unprofessional man-child she once thought him to be
after all…
A.M Wray is a pen name by the fabulous author, Candy Crum. Candy
Crum is the author of The Eternal Series (The Eternal Gift, The
Eternal Echo) as well as the creator of  The Dark Compendiums (The
Withering Darkness), anthologies focusing on the work of
“yet-to-be-known” authors as a way to give back to those
who helped her. She lives with her two amazing, ornery boys in
Indiana and spends the majority of her time playing with her kids,
writing, reading, or listening to music.
Want to keep up with Candy Crum and all of her writings? Checkout her stalker links below.
Crum – @theeternalgift
Wray – @AM_Wray
Looking for something to read? Check out the many different books by Candy Crum.

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