Be Good Human Beings

I am exhausted.

Not how you usually start a blog post I know… I am sitting here and thinking about all the things I need to do and the lack of energy to do it. Sickness has been in the house of Dawn for a month now. It’s set things back drastically and drained a lot of energy and motivation out of me.

But here’s the thing. I may be set back, but I’m still here. I still have time to finish my current wip (it will just be pushed to a different release date.) Things happen for a reason. It is a belief that resonates with me. So maybe I needed to get sick to slow myself down. Since I started writing I have been pushing myself to keep going and to get books out fast. You would think I had something to prove…

Instead of focusing on all the things that have gone wrong I am choosing to focus on the good. Sensual games releases November 5th and I can’t wait for everyone to read Emma and Colt’s story. A Hidden Ruby will be out in December. Noah’s story is one that some have been waiting a while to read. The Marsden series will wrap up with A Discarded Pearl (the current wip I had to set aside). I originally planned on doing a short story and including it with the print of A Hidden Ruby. Well guess what plans change.

A Discarded Pearl will instead release in March AND I am going to put it in print on it’s own. Which means… No short story.

My life is fine. I have the things I need. My children are healthy (and still driving me crazy). We have a home, food, and all the things we need. So even though I’m sick (I can’t wait to not be) I’m okay. Things will be fine. They are just moving at a slower pace…

My high school principle died not to long ago. I was just reading his obituary. Some memories flooded me as I read it. He was a good man. I respected him. I may not have had a conversation with him in years but I will always remember him. He was the type of person that left an impression. So reading about his life made me take a look at mine. It made me want to be better…do better.

So the moral of this is to take a step back and look at your life. Whatever is stressing you out or making you angry ask yourself if it’s worth it. Do you have to let it be a happiness suck? Make the choices that are best for you and do what’s necessary to get there. Be good human beings. But ultimately stop stressing about the things you can’t change. Just find something else to focus on that you can.

Thanks Mr. Hogan for being a good human being and caring about others You will be missed.

and now I’m done rambling. Have a good day everyone 🙂

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