Once Upon a Regency: Searching for My Rogue

Searching for My Rogue by Dawn Brower

I am going to talk a little bit more about my story in the Once Upon a Regency box set. The title of my story is Searching for My Rogue.

Each story has some elements from classic fairy tales or fables in it. Mine has some minor elements from Alice in Wonderland. The heroine falls through time after seeing a white rabbit. When she wakes up nothing is familiar and it is a very real possibility she’s gone mad, or at the very least everyone around her could believe her to be.


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Here is a small (not fully edited) excerpt:

Alys sighed and clutched her bag at her waist. Perhaps he should remove it. It couldn’t be comfortable wrapped around her petite frame. James stood and hobbled over to the bed. His side itched and burned with each movement. He hissed as pain shot through him, but ignored it as best he could. Alys rolled over, making it easier for him to untangle the bag from her shoulder. He yanked it and stumbled backward. The bag hit the floor, some of the contents spilling out. The strange shoes, a weird tube, and a set of keys—James didn’t want to pry so he shoved it all back inside.

Alys moaned.

James rushed to her side. “Alys?”

Her sea-green eyes met his. “You’re a beautiful man. Have I ever told you that? No, why would I?” She cupped his cheek with the palm of her hand. “Tell me, do you still believe love is for fools?”

James sucked in a breath. “Yes, I do.” How had she known?

“Love is a dream—a whimsical journey constantly surprising you. It’s not meant for fools. At least, not in the way you believe. True love is a journey you willingly leap into.” She sighed. “You’ll see one day. I will help you.”

She pulled his head down and touched his lips to hers. Fire spread through him, lighting him up, burning him from the inside out—he had to stop her. He stumbled backward, putting distance between them. When he looked back down at her, her eyes were closed again.

“What kind of madness is she driving me to?”

“Your Grace, the doctor is here.” Wilson called from the entrance.

“Very well. I will be in my chambers if you need me.”

James rushed out of the room. His breathing heavy and tapered with each step he took. That had been way too close. What was the chit after? Was she truly mad, or did she believe he was his brother? An easy mistake to make—they were identical twins.

Oh, Edward, why did you have to die?

James punched the wall. He slid to the floor and cradled his head in his hands. Tears he hadn’t allowed himself before fell down his cheeks. His body shook, he groaned as agony overtook him. So much loss, too much responsibility, and not enough of him to go around—weariness set through him.

A bath was suddenly too much for him to bear. He told the maid to leave it until morning. He needed to rest. James’s life had just become inherently more difficult. He lusted after the woman he believed loved his brother. James could not, would not, give in to those urges.

He would take care of Alys, but he would not give her his heart. If he did, she’d own him. They hadn’t even had a real conversation—he doubted she’d even seen him when she opened her eyes. Whoever she had seen, he couldn’t live up to those expectations. She was wrong… Love, indeed, was for fools, and James would never play the fool.

Now here is a picture of what I think Alys and James look like!


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