Happy Holidays! Free eBook

I have a special gift for my readers. I wrote a scene (from behind the scenes ) from Cowgirl Fever. This is something in Tori’s POV and she explained briefly to Ginnifer. I have had some readers request to be shown what happened to Tori when Wes “practiced his Indiana Jones technique” on her and she got covered in manure. So now you can get and inside look!

I give you Dirty Proof a free Novak Springs short story (I labeled in 1.5 since it is during Cowgirl Fever and before Wes and Tori’s book Unbridled Pursuit

Untitled design

You can get your free copy today at All Romance in any format you desire (Mobi/Kindle, PDF, or ePub). Check next week on iBooks, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo. Since it is Christmas they will be slower to appear.


AHiddenRuby_600x900 (1)


Also if you haven’t gotten my newest release A Hidden Ruby it is now available. Here are some links:

Amazon: hyperurl.co/81tbzv
BN: hyperurl.co/f4dvjq
iTunes: hyperurl.co/okvub5
Kobo: hyperurl.co/f3njqm



The final Marsden book, A Discarded Pearl is available for Preorder. It is scheduled to release on March 15. Here are some links if you’d like to get a copy:

Amazon: hyperurl.co/1s66t5
BN: http://goo.gl/5XKI8C
iTunes: hyperurl.co/qoa8xu
Kobo: hyperurl.co/b0pmhh

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