All Books are BOOKS

I went to review a book recently that I loved. While I was there another review caught my attention. It said at the top this is not a book–it is a short story. Now let’s stop right there and think about that statement. What makes a book a book.

Simply putting words together and creating a story makes it a book.

That might be a little over simplified. Let me explain in depth. There are different lengths to stories, but all stories can be considered a book.

Example: Would you consider a children’s book NOT a book just because in a sense it is a short story? So I should not have paid over $10 for To Give a Mouse a Cookie for my children because that is not a book? Then why are they called children’s BOOKS?

Let me break things down more clear to you. Don’t say something is NOT a BOOK when it is in fact A BOOK. If you want to use proper terminology say it is not a NOVEL. Be careful even then. Did the author claim it was a novel? Then maybe (big maybe) you can bash them for it. However did they say it was a book?  (cause that is safe–because let me repeat ALL BOOKS ARE BOOKS) Look at it depth. What kind of book was it? (and I don’t mean genre) then stop and think about what you write in your review.

If you don’t think it is a book well what is it then? Why don’t you really believe it was a book? Let me give you something else to think about…

Here are some terms for you to consider (and these are general guidelines)

Novelette: This is actually more of the short story. It runs between 10-80 pages depending on the structure of the book and word count. (Generally between 2,ooo-24,999 words)

Novella: is longer than a novelette (duh right?) but shorter than a novel. This is anywhere between 80-180 pages depending on word count and page structure. (Generally between 25,000-49,999 words.)

Novel: This is where people seem to get confused. This is what they consider to be a “book”. Novels are full-length and anywhere between 150 to any page above that you can think of. Some consider the novel to start at around 50,00o words and above (what is termed a short novel).

There are a multitude of terms you could use to describe a story, but never ever say it is NOT a book. If it is published, has words, and cover art it is safe to say it IS a book. It is the type of book that you need to label it as (again not genre).

Please don’t insult an author and tell them their work isn’t a book.



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