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First let me tell you a little about my Marsden series and then I will give yo the instructions on how to enter to win the signed print of A Treasured Lily.

My Marsden books were never meant to be a series. The first book A Flawed Jewel was my first book I ever wrote. One day out of the blue I got an idea on how I could write more in that world. That is when the idea of A Treasured Lily and A Sanguine Gem became real possibilities, but it wasn’t until I wrote the short story A Crystal Angel that the other two books became a possibility. It was in that story that readers met Liam’s best friend, Noah. He was a mere 14 years old in that story but he left an impression and a need to know more. You see Noah in Liam’s book, as well as, his own, and his brother-in-law, Damian’s book.

Here is a list of reading order:

1-A Flawed Jewel (Pia and Thor)

1.5-A Crystal Angel (Pia and Thor, along with Lily, Liam, and Noah)

2-A Treasured Lily (Lily and Rand)

3-A Sanguine Gem (Gemma and Liam)

4-A Hidden Ruby (Rubina and Noah)

5-A Discarded Pearl (Pearla and Damian)

AHiddenRuby_600x900 (1)

The fourth book, A Hidden Ruby, and Noah’s story is my newest release. You can find it here:





The final, and fifth book, A Discarded Pearl is now available for preorder. It is scheduled to release on March 15. You can find it here:




Now I know you want to learn more about how to enter to win a signed copy of A Treasured Lily. Here is some information on Lily and Rand and then I will give you some directions.


What Lilliana Marsden wants—she gets. The thing she believes she desires most is to live in Charleston on a plantation. Her problem? Parents who refuse to listen to her. Lily decides to make her wishes come true and who better than a handsome American ship captain to help her.
Randall Collins finds Lilliana bewitching and quickly falls under her spell. When she asks if he can take her with him on his next voyage he finds himself agreeing—for a tiny fee. A kiss as payment and he’ll take her anywhere she wants.

As they set sail sparks fly between them. Will Lily find something more desirable than owning a plantation and can Rand convince her he’s the better choice?

Now for the contest! We are going to have a mini scavenger hunt! Here are the directions.

  1. Find ALL the answers. Then email them to DO NOT post the answers in the comment on this blog post.
  2. Go to Goodreads (add any or my books you find interesting to your tbr list or follow me if you want to) ( Tell me the name of the reviewer that said: “Heart-stopping Charming Historical Romance!”
  3. Go to my website (consider joining my mailing list) (  Read the excerpt for A Hidden Ruby. Tell me what alcoholic beverage Noah had been drinking prior to his wedding.
  4. Go to this blogpost ( Read the excerpt for Searching for My Rogue. Alys asks James if he still believes love is for fools. He says he does. What does she say love really is? (give the full dialogue quote)
  5. Go to my facebook page (follow me if you haven’t)( Tell me what book is in the pinned post at the top of my page (not the banner).
  6. Comment on this blog post which one of my books you like the most (and why) or are looking forward to after you emailed me your answers to the mini scavenger hunt.

Remember to email your answers to I will pick a winner on January 8th.

Now visit the next stop on the tour…Kathryn Le Veque 



  1. Hi Dawn,
    I’ve loved Sanguine Gem – because it was my first book by you and also the first one I betaread for you. Then, Searching for my Rogue because again, I betaread it for you and had so much fun doing so.
    Looking forward to read A Hidden Ruby and A Discarded Pearl.

    1. Awesome 🙂 and lucky for you it is available and free just about everywhere ;). I hope you grabbed a copy when you were looking at the pinned post on my author page.

  2. Now, you ask the toughest question of all, which of your books is my favorite. Well I guess I am going to have to go with A Flawed Jewel since it was the first book of yours I read and that is the one that got me hooked.
    I just loved the entire storyline, how Pieretta (good name, where did you come up with it) has to leave everything she knows and loves to live with her grandfather. A pirate has to kidnap her to settle the decor with her grandfather. Bad boy falls in love with good girl, she forgives him and they live happily ever after. Yadda yadda…
    I love the bad boy stories! 🙂

    1. lol funny story about Pieretta… Totally made up name. When I was creating the characters my son thought her name should have Pie in it and nickname her Pie. (He is obsessed with our pie if you couldn’t tell)

  3. I haven’t read any of your books yet, although I do have several on my kindle. I look forward to reading any in the Marsden Romance series.

  4. I have not read any of your books yet, although I do have a couple on my kindle. I look forward to reading any of the Marsden Romance series.

  5. You’re a new to me author & I have all the Marsden series plus have pre-ordered Once Upon a Regency on my TBR list. I’m a little OCD about reading order, even if they can be read as stand-alones, so A Flawed Jewel or Searching for my Rogue.

  6. I would love a signed copy of A Hidden Ruby. I have the Ebook but I love the story and it’s different from the runaway bride theme – a cute twist on it – and the sincere efforts to get back together with the man she loves, her duke!

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