Saved by My Blackguard is now Available



I always planned that Searching for My Rogue was going to be the start of a new series titled Linked Across Time. The Once Upon a Regency box set was going to jump start that new series. Then I got an idea for Alys’ parents, and Saved by My Blackguard was born. It is in a sense a prequel to Searching for My Rogue. Since Alys and James’ story is still in the box set and won’t release on its own for several months I decided Saved by My Blackguard would be book one in the series.

So without further ado meet Paul and Evelyn. They have quite a story to tell you! For a limited time you can get their eBook for only 99 CENTS and it is also available in Kindle Unlimited. Go grab your copy today and continue the adventure.


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A vacation on a tropical island should be blissful paradise. It turns out to be something else altogether for Paul Dewitt. A storm erupts and throws his entire life into chaos. He wakes up to a beautiful stranger and a different time.

Lady Evelyn Beckett is sailing to England to marry her betrothed. When a storm hits she is tossed overboard. By sheer will, and a little luck, she makes it to shore. She finds a handsome man wandering the beach, and he’s both confusing and odd.

Together Paul and Evelyn rely on each other to survive the raging storm, villainous pirates, and a little bit of culture shock. Can they get past each other’s differences and learn to trust each other and find love.



She could barely make out his features in the firelight. He was handsome and familiar, but she couldn’t place him. How did she know him? Her body warmed as she perused him. It tingled in places it never had before. The man was gorgeous, but clearly a blackguard for taking advantage of her while she slept.

“Relax, I’m not going to attack you.” He rubbed his face with his hands. “It’s been a long day, and it is well into the night. I don’t know how long this storm is going to last, and I’d rather not deal with a histrionic female.”

“I will have you know I by no means ever give into hysteria.” She held her chin up in defiance. Her father never would have allowed it. She was to be a proper lady at all times, with a calm and cool demeanor. “But I will not stand for a man I’m not remotely acquainted with seeing me in my shift. What did you do with my gown?”

“I already introduced myself if you recall. We’re on a first name basis.” He folded his arms across his chest. “Look Evie, I don’t know how I came to find you. The last thing I remember before I saw you on the beach was falling to my death outside this cave. It’s why I knew where to find it. Nothing has made sense since I stumbled upon you. All I want to do is ride out this storm and book the first flight home. This vacation has to be the worst one ever recorded.”

She tilted her head and studied him. Was he insane? That made things a little different. She would have to give him a wide berth. It was hard to tell what someone who’d lost their mind might do. Book a flight? How did he expect to fly anywhere? Everyone knew that was impossible. Clearly he’d taken leave of his senses. She might be able to forgive him taking liberties with her person—but she doubted it.

“Have you escaped from an asylum?” She glared at him. “And my name is not Evie.”

“All right. But since you don’t recall my name let me remind you. I’m Paul Dewitt.” He shrugged and laughed. “Explain this nonsense you are spouting? Are you insinuating I’m insane?”

How dare he mock her? She wasn’t the one losing her mind.

“Everyone knows you can’t fly. If you want to get anywhere it has to be by horse, carriage, or ship.”

He fell over in uproarious laughter. What had she said that was so bloody funny? She wasn’t the ridiculous one. She didn’t suggest they could fly anywhere.

“I don’t know why you are laughing, but I’m tired of it. If you can’t have a reasonable and normal conversation at least stop rolling around as if you heard a joke. I don’t find any of this funny.”

“Oh sweetheart, you wouldn’t.” He wiped the corners of his eye. “Please tell me you’ve seen a plane. They are more than capable of flying us anywhere we want to go.”

She had no idea what he was referring to. “You’re serious?”

“Lady, it’s 1987. Planes have been a reality since the Wright brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk in 1903.” He shrugged. “They’ve come a long way since that first flight, but they are commonplace these days. How have you not seen one?”

She opened her mouth and closed it several times. How does one respond to that? He clearly had a very active imagination. Whoever these Wright brothers were, they must be geniuses to build such a contraption. What was she thinking entertaining his delusions? She shook her head to clear that rubbish away. He thought it was 1987 and these brothers flew in 1903. She had to tell him he was misinformed.

“You’re wrong.”        

“I assure you I’m not.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s not 1987. It’s not even close to 1903. Why would you believe it was?”

“Because I was born in 1958 and I will be 30 in less than 3 months. I flew over here on one of those planes because my doctor ordered me to take a vacation or I’d have a heart attack before my birthday. I agreed to humor him since he is a family friend.”

His delusion went further than she thought. The poor man. “I’m afraid I must inform you it is in fact, the year of our lord, 1722.”

He started to chuckle so hard he had trouble breathing. His penchant for laughter was starting to irritate her. Why did he find everything she said so damned funny.

“It all makes sense now,” he spat out. “Your dress, the storm, and even not remembering how I ended up on the beach. I’ve died and this is my hell.”

“I seriously doubt God would punish us both with the same hell. I don’t even know you, or how you ended up here, but I can assure you we are both very much alive. I didn’t fight so hard to make it to land to give in now.”





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