Seduction of My Rake Cover Reveal and Preorder

Seduction of My Rake: Linked Across Time Book Three is now available for PREORDER! Oh…um and yeah look at this awesome new cover Victoria Miller made 😉 how’s that for a cover reveal haha.
I think this book is one that some didn’t think would get written. One of my beta readers was surprised I’d bother with it. These were two of her least favorite characters. It’s always a hard sell when readers don’t like the characters involved. Let’s just say she was quite pleasantly surprised how much she loved the book. I hope that everyone else will love it if not more that equally as much as she did.
Without further ado I give you Regina and Bradford! 

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seduction of my rake_600x900


What’s a man to do when he’s attracted to a woman he can’t have? Bradford Kendall, the Duke of Weston, is in that very predicament, when his brother’s ex-wife shows up at his estate. Regina has always held an unnerving lure for him, and it’s a nuisance to have to deal with it, and her.
Regina Dewitt wants to find out what happened to her sister. The best place to start her search is where she disappeared—Weston Manor. It’s been a year, and clues will be scarce, but she’s determined. She didn’t count on how tempting the estate’s resident duke would be…
As they begin the search together, the question remains: Can they fight their growing desire?

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