I’ve posted about this in some form in the past. How we become friends with certain people but for whatever reason the relationship falls flat and before you know it you’re not talking to that person anymore. This post is food for thought. Take what you want from it. Learn, love, and live your life to the best of your ability. Sometimes that is all you can do.


These days I have some friends I know I can count on no matter what. Even if we go days without talking. These are the people that make your life better. It is a blessing to have them and you can’t imagine what life would be like if they became one of the lost ones. Take a moment, a deep breath, and think things through.

Today I’ve learned another thing. That when the chips are down you find out exactly what people can be like when your back is up against a wall. I write books, something I love. I’ve made friends, acquaintances, and distant contact with other authors as I set out to do this. It is a blessing to have met so many amazing people. But, as with all things, there are those that can’t stop drama from entering into the circle. That isn’t what friendship is supposed to be.



I’m here to say: Think before you go down that rabbit hole. Is it really worth it? Who are you hurting by your actions? Is it making things better or worse? What person does it REALLY impact?

I’m about running on empty dealing with the aftermath of the decisions of others. Choices I had no part in, but people I considered friends and colleagues made. My stomach hurts, I’ve gotten little to no sleep, and my brain is fried. But through it all I’ve learned who I can truly count on and who isn’t worth the energy. It was a hard lesson but in the end maybe this is for the best. I wish everyone the best, but in the future please keep your issues where they belong–at your doorstep.



So this is my annual friendship blog. I guess it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have one every now and then. Big hugs to those peeps who are in my life. The ones that have my back and all that entails. You know who you are.



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