What’s coming

I have two books that will be releasing over the next couple of months. The first book is Unveiled Hearts (Heart’s Intent 2). This is Matt and Claire’s story. I know there are some readers who are axiously awaiting it. Will Matt get his sight back? Well you will have to read it and find out. Unveiled Hearts releases on November 22.

The second book is Surrendering to My Spy (Linked Across Time book 4) This is Rosanna and Dominic’s story. We are returning back to Regency England a few years after Alys fell through time and married James. Readers will get a chance to see how Alys and James are doing; as well as, delve into Rosanna and Dominic’s romance. Surrendering to My Spy releases December 20.

I can’t wait to share both books with everyone! I’m so excited. Here is the good news. Through the month of October both books will be at a preorder price of $.99. If you want to get it at that price make sure you click it because on November 1 they are both going up to full price $2.99 while they are still on preorder and after they release.

Now for a double cover reveal, along with, some blurbs and links if you want to preorder:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00020]


A car accident left Matthew Price blind. His life was turned upside down and he can’t figure out how to put it right again. The part that grates on him the most is depending on others for help. His staunch independence has always been a sense of pride for him. He pushes everyone away, especially the one woman he has always cared about. Now that he is handicapped he doesn’t think he has a right to tell her how he feels.

Claire Jackson has secretly loved Matt for a while. When he was injured her heart hurt for him. She helps him even when he does everything he can to push her aside, until one day something horrible occurs that could destroy them both forever. As danger lurks on the horizon they both have to learn to trust each other, and finally express what is in their hearts.

Can they find a way to have faith in each other long enough to discover the love they both share?




Lady Rosanna Kendall’s heart was broken when the one man she’d always loved told her he’d never marry,and even if he did she’d be his last choice. Shortly afterwards her eldest brother died in a freak accident sending her into mourning. During that time she picked up the tattered remains of her heart and hardened it. One day she’d marry and have a family of her own; however, love would be the last thing she’d expect to find. 

Lord Dominic Rossington, the Marquess of Seabrook worked diligently as a spy for the war office. He led a dangerous life that had no place for a wife or family. He couldn’t in good conscience encourage Lady Rosanna–even if she was his greatest desire. Years later Dominic sees a way to free himself of his obligations to the crown and finally claim the one woman he’s always wanted. All he has to do is complete one last mission and convince her she’s the only one for him. 
Can they both survive his dangerous life long enough to find their happily-ever-after? 



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