Happy Birthday in Heaven

Today is my niece, Alison’s, Birthday. She would have been twenty years old today.

I was reading some posts wishing her a happy birthday up in heaven, but it was her mother’s grief that hit me the hardest. I don’t know how she finds the strength to get through the day, any day, without her daughter.

There are many people that has experienced grief of some sort in their life. No one completely escapes it. Life is filled with every aspect of any and all emotions. Grief is part of life as much as the joys.

Why am I writing this? Because every time I think of Alison I think of her father, my brother. They both died much too young, and were missed greatly by their mothers. They are both up in heaven and hopefully together. Both own a piece of my heart. Instead of mourning the loss (because on certain days they are worse than others) I’d like to honor her. To celebrate her life no matter how short it was. Certain people touch the lives of those around them profoundly. Alison did that for all that knew her. She was special to her family and her friends. She had more strength than anyone could imagine. Today is her birthday and it will forever remain a special day. Without her entrance into the world we would never have known the beauty of who she was.

Happy Birthday Alison. I love you and miss you every day. Give your daddy a hug for me.



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