Linked Across Time


I would like to take a moment to discuss this series. I’ve had this brainchild in my head for a while and started writing it last year in preparation for the Once Upon a Regency boxset. Book 2 actually released before book 1 because of that. Here is a list of the series in order that are already written and either available or on preorder. All are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited (except the one on preorder it will be in KU after it releases)

  1. Saved by My Blackguard (Paul and Evelyn)
  2. Searching for My Rogue (James and Alys)
  3. Seduction of My Rake (Regina and Bradford)
  4. Surrendering to My Spy (Dominic and Rosanna) *on preorder


Some might have questions about some of the characters. Especially after reading Seduction of My Rake. A new character is introduced and is the love of that particular person’s life–and she’s missing. Before I address that particular issue I want to make a few things clear.

  • This series is not in chronological order. They are more fluid. The premise is time travel it wouldn’t work if they went chronologically. So in a nutshell they jump all over the place.
  • Not every story will have actual time travel in them. They ARE all connected or linked in some way. Actually only 2 of them don’t show time travel, but they help further along the story-line of other characters.
  • There is an overall arc to the series trying to figure out how the time travel is possible. A lot of those answers are sprinkled in throughout the series, but won’t necessarily become evident right away. The final book will be enlightening.
  • All the characters WILL have their stories told in their POV.

Now some readers want to know what’s next. Surrendering to My Spy is on preorder. It releases in December. It will answer some questions that left unanswered in Searching for My Rogue. Alys and James play pivotal parts as well. There are three more books planned in the series. Here are the titles of the subsequent books and their projected release dates.

  • 5. Spellbound by My Charmer (Zane and Callista) *tentative release day 2/14/17*
  • 6. Stolen by My Knave (Elizabeth and Jack)  *coming in 2017*
  • 7. Separated from My Love (Trenton and Genevieve) *coming in 2017*

Callista is a new character that you meet in Surrendering to My Spy. She has had a lot of loss and is hell bent on revenge. Zane needs a strong woman to keep him in line, and Callista isn’t exactly sure she wants the job. Elizabeth is the daughter of James and Alys and if you read Saved by My Blackguard you will remember the pirate captain well. In this book you’ll finally have his story and discover what happened to him. Now Trent and Eve–they will wrap everything up and you *might* get a glimpse into everyone’s live at some point in their book. You’ll have to keep reading to find out. I promise you there is a method to my madness and I hope you will like how it all finishes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.



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