Surrendering to My Spy


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Surrendering to My Spy: Linked Across Time Book 4


A rogue, a marquess and a spy… Each an integral part of Dominic Rossington’s life and he does them all rather well. Love throws him off balance and he’ll do everything in his power to protect the one who holds his heart, Lady Rosanna. Danger lurks on the horizon and he’ll have to put it all on the line to save her. 

Lady Rosanna Kendall’s heart was broken when the one man she always loved told her he’d never marry, and even if he did she’d be his last choice. Shortly afterward her eldest brother died in a freak accident sending her into mourning. During that time she picked up the tattered remains of her heart and hardened it.

Lord Dominic Rossington, the Marquess of Seabrook worked diligently as a spy for the war office. He led a dangerous life that had no place for a wife or family. He couldn’t in good conscience encourage Lady Rosanna—even if she was his greatest desire.

Years later Dominic sees a way to free himself of his obligations to the crown and finally claim the one woman he’s always wanted. All he has to do is complete one last mission and convince her she’s the only one for him.

Will they both survive Dominic’s dangerous lifestyle long enough to claim their happy-ever-after?


“You really are a dimwit, aren’t you?”

Dom turned toward the sound of Rosanna’s voice. His lips twitched into a small smile. “I’ve always thought I was quite brilliant.”

“You would,” she said with an upturned nose. “What made you believe interrogating James about Alys now was the right thing to do?”

He shrugged and stood. Rosanna was near and within his reach. He itched to pull her into his arms once again, but realized it wasn’t the time to press his point. She had to let go of her anger, and it’d been clear since he came to Weston she wasn’t ready to do that. He could give her time to let it out. If she needed to be a harpy whenever she was in his company to do that, so be it. He’d been a veritable ass after all.

“It distracted him, didn’t it?” She made a noise he had never heard before in his life. Was she…choking? “Are you all right?”

“I don’t know if I should slap you or agree with you.”

“Oh, agree, most definitely.” The corners of his mouth quirked up. “I abhor bruises, especially on my face.”

Rosanna shook her head. She didn’t fool him for a minute though. He could see her fighting not to smile “I doubt a bruise to your face would prevent a woman from falling for you, my lord. No doubt your wicked charm would have them all too willing to soothe your hurts.”

He wasn’t sure how he felt about her assessment—even if it had been accurate in the past. It wasn’t his fault ladies fell for his face. It was sheer luck he came from equally gorgeous stock. His ancestors had chosen their spouses well. He’d have been a fool not to take advantage of what providence had bestowed upon him, but to hear her say the words… Rosanna made it sound as if he was the worst kind of person for it. He studied her and said with much reluctance, “You wouldn’t help ease my pain?”

She snorted with unlady like grace. “No, my lord, I’d be the one delivering the blow that leaves you filled with twinges of pain.”

When would she dispense with my lording him? He wanted to hear his name on her lips once more. “Dom,” he replied. “Say it.”

“No,” she said.




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